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What Interior Designers actually Do [Part 1]

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

It is so frustrating when a profession is misunderstood, underrated and not taken seriously. Unfortunately, in my wonderful field of Interior Design , we are always mistaken as being solely Interior decorators. No disrespect to Interior Decorators, but an Interior Designer not only decorates , but does so , so much more! I have therefore taken the liberty to prepare a list of what Interior Designers do [based on my experience and opinion :) ]

1. We solve problems!

I know this sounds cliche, but thats exactly what we do! When clients come to Interior Designers, they have a problem that they would like solved. The problem can be anything from wanting a more functional kitchen because the space planning just does't work , to not being able to relax in a bedroom because the color scheme is not conducive to a relaxed mood. The bottom line is that our clients seek our expertise to not only create aesthetically pleasing environments, but to also create solutions that are functional and beneficial to the occupants quality of life

2. We do Research.. TONS of it!

In fact the first phase of interior design (Programming) is dedicated to research where we gather and analyze information about a problem so that we can then solve it with design. The absolute first steps usually involve an initial meeting with client to obtain goals and needs of the space such as spatial requirements, furniture needs and aesthetic desires to name a few.

3. We adhere to strict codes and laws to ensure safety !

As designers we ensure that we meet the needs of not only regular people, but people with disabilities as well. From ensuring a safe exit plan in the event of a fire, to adapting design for disabled persons, we take pride in ensuring plans are compliant with all applicable building regulations and safety codes, while encouraging environmental sustainability.

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