Felisha Rosendahl is A Bahamian & Swedish citizen with a B.F.A. in Interior Design from The Savannah College of Art & Design. As a young girl she always found herself being creative, whether it was sketching up her dream home or redecorating her bedroom.  She also knew that she wanted to help people in some shape or form and ultimately realized that she could help people through design.  Considering the fact that we spend a large percentage of our time indoors , she believes that Interior Design will become more and more integral to our society in regards to human health, where we have the power to change the world by designing spaces that positively influence the human emotional state. That said, she chose the field of Interior Design to help people make the right choices when it comes to the spaces we spend all of our time in, as well as educate and share her knowledge on smart sustainable design choices that can benefit our hurting environment.

When it comes to  design, Felisha believes spaces should be the perfect balance of function and aesthetics. Growing up in The Bahamas, Felisha’s design style  is highly influenced by the ‘island lifestyle’ where light, air comfort and harmony is key.  Her style is characterized by soothing colors drawn from natural elements such as the sea, sky, and plant life.  All in all, she believes that a space should be deeply in tune with the clients soul and values.

Personally, Felisha  is a very caring, intuitive and detail- oriented person whose passion for helping others ensures that the end result will be a space where the client feels happy, healthy and where they can create ever-lasting memories. In addition to interior design, Felisha is also skilled in media and film making. Born in The Bahamas and raised in Nassau and Sweden, she  is bilingual and speaks Swedish, English , some French and German. She also  enjoys playing sports, travelling, composing music, and enjoying the simple natures of life.